Sunday, January 29, 2012

Greetings, Panel Folks!

I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to everyone who's found their way here via the BroNYCon mythology panel video. Obviously, there's not much posted yet; Quilly and I are both busy people in our non-pony-related lives, so we've not yet quite got off the ground. That said, we do have several pieces still in the works, so if there's genuine interest, we'll definitely pick up the pace. We also welcome outside submissions and suggestions, so please get in touch if you have something. You can reach us via email (contact at bronyscholars dot com) or on Twitter (@bronyscholars).



  1. Thanks for the welcome. I'ma book marking this sight now ;)

  2. I desire pseudo-academic studies of the lasting effects of the ancient pegasi's militaristic tendencies. A though has just crossed my mind, do names have an impact on the development of a pony? Granted the reason why the names and cutie marks are so similar is that it's all for children, but if we ignore that is there something else going on? Are pony parents able to set their children on life paths through naming? The implications are completely trivial, but interesting.