Friday, January 27, 2012

Dusty Old Books (or, the Mythology Panel That Wasn't at BroNYCon)

This presentation was initially intended to be delivered at the January 2012 BroNYCon, but was delayed due to technical issues. As promised, I've now put it online instead. To preserve the idea of a live rendition, I did this in one take and only one recording, so please forgive the screw-ups, of which there are likely many. And while we're on the subject, apologies for the terrible jokes, too.


  1. A thoroughly enjoyable presentation!

    I think that someone (or several someones) on the staff of MLP:FIM IS quite knowledgeable about ancient myths and legends and that their inclusion in the show is more than the result of casual familiarity.

    I'm more familiar with the late Middle Ages than the Classical era and I've notice several touches from those times as well, the most obscure being the convention in medieval heraldic art of painting the eyes of monsters in a uniform manner: Yellow eyes with red pupils. Throughout the whole of season one, (including Discord himself) the monsters adhere to this little-known convention. It CAN'T be an accident!

    1. Thanks! Scheduling and technical snafus aside, I greatly enjoyed putting it together. You're probably correct about the writers – they certainly seem to know their stuff. Also, that's a fantastic observation regarding the artwork. Can you recommend a source where I can learn more about this? It's not an area with which I'm familiar, and I'm now fascinated. As you say, it can't be an accident. :)